Your Event Moonwalk Rentals, ​ LLC
​"We do all the work while you have all the fun"

Our Products
  1. Cliff Jump!
    Cliff Jump!
    Have you ever wanted to jump off a cliff? Well with out NEWEST inventory you can!
  2. Mechanical Bull
    Mechanical Bull
    From age appropriate to cowboy!
  3. NEW Slide (31`Lx13`Wx19`H)
    NEW Slide (31`Lx13`Wx19`H)
  4. Meltdown
    Do you have the skill to jump over and under a spinning pole at different speeds, or will you wipe out?
  5. Baseball Challenge
    Baseball Challenge
    Test your skill, or lack of baseball skills while the ball FLOATS in the air!
  6. Velcro Wall
    Velcro Wall
    How high can you get? With three different suit sizes, typically 42 inches tall to 250 pounds, jump and stick!
  7. Castle!
    15 X 15 CASTLE
  8. Tiger Moonwalk
    Tiger Moonwalk
    15` x 15` Tiger Moonwalk
  9. Slide (30`Lx15`Wx18`H)
    Slide (30`Lx15`Wx18`H)
  10. Water Slide
    Water Slide
    16 Foot Water Slide